The Kitchen Innovation That Will Help You Retire Your Cutting Board

It is time to finally set your cutting board out to pasture. When it comes to cooking your favorite organic vegetables, using one of these small kitchen appliances is going to offer you plenty of advantages to your trusty cutting board. To most it may seem similar to a blender but there are differences between the two that make a food processor much more convenient and useful. However, having both a processor and a blender around is a good choice as the two are actually intended for different applications. A food processor, for instance, can cut produce in various ways depending on its power output and capabilities while a blender is ideally meant to blend ingredients or liquify them.

In fact, the best reviewed food processors can do much more than a blender and are a better investment for serious cooks. They are able to mince, slice, dice, blend, emulsify, knead, and even process baby foods all of which cannot adequately be performed using a blender. It is thus no surprise that most people are unaware of the enormous benefits derived from having a food processor. To find out just how one of these machines can help you in the kitchen we offer a few of its benefits below.

Enhances Your Cooking

Undoubtedly one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, having a food processor means never having to serve late meals to your family again. This is because you no longer have to spend a lot of time cutting up various food items in preparation for meals thereby leaving you with ample time to concentrate on other tasks. Whether it is slicing, chopping, or cutting heavy food items, a food processor is designed to perform all these functions and more. And even when trying out new dishes at home, you can entrust your food processor with the preparatory tasks as well.

Time Saver

Food processors are also synonymous with time-saving. Suppose you are preparing a dish that ordinarily takes about 3 hours to prepare and serve. You have to wait until for long periods as you meticulously plan everything. But with a food processor, you are guaranteed to save a lot of time whenever you are preparing time-intensive dishes. All the time that would normally go to cutting and chopping food items can be saved if these tough tasks are assigned to the processor. And with the latest models, this translates to a matter of seconds or minutes instead of wasting hours performing the same task.

Handle Large Quantities

Does your meal preparation involve a lot of ingredients being chopped, shredded, or sliced? Well, while a blender can mince and blend, it is, unfortunately, not designed to chop or slice ingredients down to a uniform size. But with the right blade attachment, a food processor can ensure that you get consistent results each time. Moreover, most processors come equipped with a large working bowl that is vital in churning out large amounts of food each time.

Dough and Nut Butter

A food processor can help you make delicious homemade peanut butter. Begin by dicing and slicing all the ingredients before thickening the mixture with the help of a kneading paddle. This is akin to emulsification as a food processor’s speeds are lower thus ensuring that ingredients are properly mixed. The same applies to kneading dough for those that delight in cakes, cookies, or pizzas as a food processor can efficiently manage dough in large quantities.


Purees, spreads, sauces, and dips are harder to prepare using a blender as the entire mixing force is concentrated at the bottom, aided by a tiny blade. Conversely, a food processor has a larger attachment coupled with wider faces that are essential in not only moving ingredients around, but mixing them thoroughly as well. Best of all, you need not worry about having to use a tamper to push down on the ingredients since the attachment design and bowl shape makes sure that the contents get perfectly pureed and mixed.

Frees You Up

It’s pretty straight forward in this area. Spending less time in the kitchen doing prep work leaves you free to do more of what you truly love. At least it gives you an opportunity to relax a bit more. Cooking is usually not as fun as eating. This is why it is great to find something to make things easier.

Having a food processor do most of the monotonous food prep work that some of your recipes require is smart choice. Stop taking on hours of needless work and get yourself one of these time saving machines. These appliances are also quite versatile and are great for a lot more than just slicing organic foods.